"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

☆Derrick's Homecoming☆

During a combat mission in a hostile area of Afghanistan in September 2010, Sgt. Derrick Miller’s attention was drawn to an Afghan national who had penetrated the defense perimeter set up by the US Army. The Afghan man was positively identified by another soldier under Sgt. Miller’s command who recognized him from a detainment the previous day. The man in question was the driver of a truck reported by military intelligence as transporting members of the opposition to a nearby combat firefight. US military intelligence let the trucks pass.

Sgt. Miller was sent to question the Afghan national after observing the suspicious behavior of the man as he reconnoitered their defense perimeter. It appeared that the man was gathering information, and since he was already identified as an enemy combatant, Sgt. Miller was acting instinctively to protect his unit by detaining this man.

During the questioning, which took place in an open area with another US soldier and an Afghan interpreter present, Sgt. Miller asked the man why he was within the perimeter. The man initially claimed to be an electrician who was responding to a downed power line, but later claimed to be there to fix a water pump. He had no tools with him, and no apparent means of carrying out the repairs he was supposedly there to address. The man was originally observed accompanied by two men whom he claimed were his sons and helpers. Both of those men had returned to the village without having performed any electrical work, and both in separate directions. They were not present during Sgt. Miller’s questioning. During the harsh questioning, the Afghan insurgent attempted to grab Sgt. Miller’s weapon, and was shot and killed in the struggle.

Within 45 minutes, SGT Miller's unit was attacked on three sides by Afghan insurgents. During Sgt. Miller’s trial, all the soldiers who appeared from his unit testified that the enemy had to have reconnoitered their position closely in order to attack in the manner they did. There was also testimony that the incident with Sgt. Miller forced the entire unit into full alert / 100% security, which prepared the soldiers for the attack. Because of Sgt. Miller’s actions, no American lives were lost due to the level of their preparation.

As the details of the events of that day came to light, the US soldiers were suspicious of the Afghan man and the two other young men with him that he claimed were his sons and helpers. Yet at different times during the few hours that the Afghan was inside the perimeter, each of these men were sent back to the village by different routes. The Afghan interpreter testified that this happened. It is believed by the soldiers present at the time that these two men were carrying information to the insurgents detailing the most effective targets for the ensuing attack.

Sgt. Miller believes, despite his conviction and sentence of life in prison for the murder of this Afghan insurgent, that he was acting solely in self-defense and with sound judgment.

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  • Service above self. 
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Homecoming Fundraiser


As many of you know, we recently received the amazing news that Derrick's sentence has been reduced, and he is immediately eligible for parole. Our hearts are rejoicing at the prospect of having our precious son home with us, where he can be reunited with his daughters and pick up the threads of his life once again. We still have some time before we know when his parole will start, so we calm our hearts and wait for word. In the meantime...we prepare for Derrick's long overdue homecoming ❤

At this point, we need almost everything for Derrick's room. It's been an office/storage area for all these years, so he doesn't even have a bed to sleep in. We'll need to get pieces that do double duty like a nice, smooth action futon that can also serve as a place to sit and read or watch TV...you get the idea. He has no clothes, no shoes, no transportation, no nothing. At this point we're requesting help from generous and kind-hearted folks so that we can tackle the basics like clearing the space, painting and buying furniture for now. That's what we always have to do to keep moving forward - break a gigantic, overwhelming task into smaller, more manageable chunks 🛠 This way, we can be productive in this time of waiting with expectant hope for all the prayers to be answered, and Derrick to be delivered from this nightmare. We want to do our best to make him at least modestly comfortable after everything he's been through. Once he is home and working as hard as he always does, he'll be able to get back on his feet and carry on.

Funds raised will go to Derrick's family for the costs of making preparations for his return home (!!!!), and to help with travel costs to visit him until he is finally released. Thank you all for your steadfast support, and God bless ❤

You can make donations of any amount at: