This organization's primary mission is to support our men and women in uniform who have been accused of "crimes" during combat. They take on the tough cases, and help families like ours with the enormous financial burden of the cost of legal defense. They also care for the emotional and psychological wellbeing of those impacted in the form of regular correspondence, monthly stipends, travel allowances for families to visit their loved ones, as well as encouragement and support systems once they come home.  Please consider donating to this worthy cause...they were certainly a godsend to our family. 

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We unequivocally support the men and women of our Armed Forces and their families, that have been called on time and time again to protect America. To assist our Armed Forces, we have established our WARRIOR FUND to “Defend our Defenders“

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☆Derrick's Homecoming☆

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Homecoming Fundraiser


As many of you know, we recently received the amazing news that Derrick's sentence has been reduced, and he is immediately eligible for parole. Our hearts are rejoicing at the prospect of having our precious son home with us, where he can be reunited with his daughters and pick up the threads of his life once again. We still have some time before we know when his parole will start, so we calm our hearts and wait for word. In the meantime...we prepare for Derrick's long overdue homecoming ❤

At this point, we need almost everything for Derrick's room. It's been an office/storage area for all these years, so he doesn't even have a bed to sleep in. We'll need to get pieces that do double duty like a nice, smooth action futon that can also serve as a place to sit and read or watch get the idea. He has no clothes, no shoes, no transportation, no nothing. At this point we're requesting help from generous and kind-hearted folks so that we can tackle the basics like clearing the space, painting and buying furniture for now. That's what we always have to do to keep moving forward - break a gigantic, overwhelming task into smaller, more manageable chunks 🛠 This way, we can be productive in this time of waiting with expectant hope for all the prayers to be answered, and Derrick to be delivered from this nightmare. We want to do our best to make him at least modestly comfortable after everything he's been through. Once he is home and working as hard as he always does, he'll be able to get back on his feet and carry on.

Funds raised will go to Derrick's family for the costs of making preparations for his return home (!!!!), and to help with travel costs to visit him until he is finally released. Thank you all for your steadfast support, and God bless ❤

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